Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why you don't let your friend use your Xbox account.

A Black Ops story.

My flat and I are pretty into gaming (if you couldn't tell by our weekly Board game night) and as such, we love anything to do with games, playing them, watching them and even just talking about them. Currently, Will and I are the only ones who own Xbox Live accounts, we usually just take turns letting Aaron h and Price play using ours.
However, a certain incident has changed my mind somewhat on this matter. I am by no means the best COD  player ... I'm not even a very good player really, but there is one thing I was proud of. That was my incredibly mediocre 'Kill Death Ratio'. A pride I can no longer have.
In a certain game, with a certain player using my account, he manged to rack up a grand total of 36 deaths, to 8 kills. That beautifully average percentage I had worked ... not all that much on to create fell right before my eyes. 
The worst part?
Was that I was in the room watching, yet did nothing. I know that no amount of apology will make up for the  fact that I left my poor account alone and scared when it needed me the most.

I just hope in time I can redeem myself and gain it's love back.


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