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The aim of this blog, is to keep you up to date with everything that the 'Sny Keel' team are currently up to, even if what we're up to is literally just playing board games and losing really badly at it (Seddon) or having immense difficulty uploading blackops to youtube, only to realize it had already uploaded itself about 5 minutes into the painful hour-long process. (Adam)
'Sny Keel' hope that our posts will bring a little laughter your way and make your days a little lighter ... or at the very least, give you something to do while you're meant to be working.
 (This after all is how the blog was born.)
The Brains behind 'Sny Keel' are Luke Seddon and Adam Dean. Two friends from high school who share one common goal, to make someones day a little brighter with a bit of writing and just a dash of Humor.

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Till the next time internet

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