Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Alliances and Broken Hearts.
Another Risk Story.

The Flat have decided that Tuesday should be our 'Risk Day' as we all finish college at the same time. So you can expect regular stories once a week about the trials and tribulations of our constant battles for 'Middle Earth'. As I type this, Price is attacking Will in what marks the beginning of our 'End Game' strategy to completely wipe him from the map... whether it will work, is totally up to strategy ... and a bit of luck. But rest assured that you will know by the end of this post.

This time, all four of us are playing, as opposed to the three we had last time as Aaron Hayse is now back among us!

I have learned pretty quickly that either the game, or the dice hate me, as so far I've almost only rolled one's, two's or three's, and sadly that is usually not enough to wipe out an attacking army, so as a result I have begun building up my horde in selected areas, namely my two forts (If you read the last edition of my little risk story, I explained what a fort is)

We have good news as well, it's snowing.

Back to the story. Despite it being his first time playing, Aaron H has almost entirely dominated the top regions of the map, while Will has almost completely taken the bottom regions. (save Helms deep which I refuse to let go easily)  One thing is certain, no one is going easily. Evident from the current battle now raging between Price and will, with Price having seven units in defense and will having eighteen in attack. No points for guessing how this little skirmish will turn out.

As Will takes another territory, our hope for victory diminishes one bit more. that's the great thing about the game, no matter what you think, there will always be a little turning point that tips the entire game, for instance, Price had a pretty solid plan that has totally backfired and left him in a pretty bad condition.

I think that at a quick glance, Aaron H has the most units, with Will in second, and Price and I fighting to not be last. A lot of things will need to go right for me to win this.

In a dramatic, but predictable turn, Aaron H has started pushing south, followed in a retreat by Price from the center of the map to the far left where the boats are, only to be attacked by Will's forces bordering on his edge. Price has just lost Moria. Could this be part of some plan?

It seems now that I am the most heavily outnumbered. This thing I am feeling is apparently called 'fun'.

To top it off, it's stopped snowing, this is a bad sign if there ever was one.

The game has been going on for a good ... two or more hours, and it seems like the real action is just starting. 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy soundtrack blaring full blast. This is War!

We are playing a mode where we need three complete regions to win and Aaron H almost has three under his control, with only my fort holding off his victory, and Will almost having Three, but once again, my fort is messing with that beautiful little plan.

After a short ten minute break to restore our sanity, the battle continues.

 The fate of 'Middle Earth' hangs in chance of a few rolls of the die.

My strategy is starting to unfold, by handing Rivendell over to Aaron H, I begin my push into Rohan, with the aim of claiming the whole territory for myself. Through careful diplomacy and a sheer bout of luck, I appear to be making a comeback, it's all about the little turning points.

It really does feel like a reverse of helms deep, as I have Isengard totally surrounded to the south, with a unit mass of twenty four  ready to rain death and destruction against all who stand before my might... well, my little plastic pieces on the cardboard board of 'Middle Earth'

Whether I will ever get to make that move is a totally different matter, as Will is attacking north aiming to claim the final territory he needs to win. Only Aaron H's stuffy die rolling skills are all that stand between Will and total annihilation. 

Will's push north continues strong, but is slowly starting to falter, the giant force he originally contended Aaron H's force with has quickly diminished. All bonds are broken, and all bets are off. We're back at a standstill. Such is life in a game of 'Risk'.

Even as I was writing that last paragraph, Will unleashed a 'power card' giving him three more units, granting him the power to take my small outpost and move onto the rest of Aaron H's land. The music seems to know exactly what is happening, as 'The Hornburg' takes a dramatic turn, Will claims the last territory and the land has once again fallen into darkness.

Hopefully luck will be on my side next time.

Please join us the following week for our next adventures in;
The Battle for Middle Earth.


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