Saturday, 23 March 2013


I, Like most people who read this, (Hopefully) had a Runescape account that I would play religiously on most nights after school. Before, during and after my homework.
Now, to the average internet user, Runescape has long since passed it's prime and is quite quickly becoming that weird stain on the carpet that you're not exactly sure how it got there, all you know is it won't go away. What with our sidebars being filled with 'Click to play' ads, and even YouTube has started hosing it's trailer... "Wait, it has a trailer??"

Well, I gave into the nostalgia and decided to not just give it a shot again, but to create a new character (They have integrated it with Facebook meaning  to create a character, all you have to do is click 'Link with Facebook' and everything is done.
Bloody hell this game has changed while I've been away.
For one, the graphics have had a pretty major overhaul (Still nothing groundbreaking, but taken into context it's a pretty monumental change)
Two, there seem to just be a metric crap-load of new things for you to do (As a free user) they've changed the layouts of most of the areas, and just added in a couple of sweet little Easter egg style thing for you to find.
Cut-scenes. I don't think I need to elaborate on it any more, there are now cut-scenes.
Finally, the combat has had a total revamp, which gives you 'special' moves you can use, you also have this weird ... 'agro bar' (I'll call it that as I've actually forgotten it's name) which builds up during combat, allowing you to use stronger and deadlier moves!
These aren't the only updates to it, but I wouldn't want to spoil all the fun of discovery ;)

Oh, and as if that wasn't awesome enough.
Tutorial Island has gone!
I feel like a kid during Christmas all over again.

So, if you fancy re-connecting with the ol' Scape, hit me up.
Seddon235 (I play world 81)