Sunday, 27 January 2013

SportsCorner: The Intro

SportsCorner: Intro

Hey, thought I'd start a new feature for the blog. It's about sport, I hope to have at least one up a week and probably post it up late Sunday night. It's going to focus mainly on the major football games of the week and formula one races, but will also look at other sports, like the superbowl next weekend, big boxing matches and just generally anything that is interesting to watch, sorry Bowls Championship 2013 you ain't our kinda deal. So on with this weeks blog...

Oldham Athletic vs Liverpool FC

Let's get the first thing out of the way, I am a Liverpool fan whereas I will post unbiased posts as much as I can, when Liverpool is involved that just ain't gonna happen. Now for the other first thing first...

Liverpool deserved to lose the game, straight up, from the performance the players gave for the most part of the game we didn't deserve to go any further in the F.A Cup. From the 2nd minute goal shambles until Gerrard subbed on we just didn't really get going. Oldham had a real physical presence and from this season its clear that any threat of physical presence really shakes the LFC foundation of tiki-taka football. It happened with Stoke, it happened with Mansfield and today it happened with Oldham.

The only positives we can take from it is that Hendo at Right-Back actually works, he provided a good overlap with Downing that he just couldn't commit to when he was trying to play in the middle of the park. Hopefully with Enrique nearing match fitness we could have Johnson fit in at Left-Back and Hendo on the Right Flank until our defence doesn't feature Coates.

Talking about Coates...before the match there were rumours that Brazillian Club, Gremio, were looking to buy him for approximately £7 million. Before the match I wouldn't be happy as a fan to take that offer, now, after seeing how slow he is to react to a large amount of attacking threat I think it would be good to bankroll Phillipe Coutinho's offer and offload Coates or even have it bankroll the buying of Tom Ince (which seems to increase in price daily) or even put a shock offer in for Brendan Rodgers former player, Ashley Williams. If we were to buy the 28 year old defender for Swansea it would be an odd move to sell a young, promising talent with a player almost at his twilight years, but for the next few years I would be much happier with Williams in a red shirt after his performance against Chelsea than Sebastian Coates' performance today.

There aren't many positive talking points from a Liverpool fans point of view, but taking out the F.A Cup does have its positives in a packed schedule with the Europa League coming back into play within a couple of weeks. Saying that however is defeatist, it's not a great thing, but it certainly isn't as bad as it looks. One loss after three wins doesn't break our season...that test comes next week against Arsenal and the Chelsea. Hopefully I'll have a lot happier words to type next Wednesday.

That's it for the first post of SportsCorner but I'll have more to talk about next week with a lot of Formula 1 car reveals and the closing of the Transfer Window.


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