Saturday, 19 January 2013


War is Upon us!

Well, not really, but it sure as hell feels like it.
I think we can already agree that 'Risk' is one brilliant game, the right mix of strategy and action to keep you entertained all through the god knows how many hours you'll be slaving away at this board. 'Lord of the Rings Risk', takes this to a whole new level.

-Forts- These little beauties take your defense up to a whole new level, tired of not being sure where to aim for? Not any more, now you know exactly where to shoot for, because these bitches drop one unit on them every single round!

Unless you're me of course, who forgets that he has a fort.

Playing Risk with my two flatmates has shown me some harsh truths.

1) I'm terrible of keeping track of forts, honestly, I lose those things faster than ... well, faster than I lose at Risk.

2)event cards can go any way. Will pulled a card that gave three units on three separate territories. Turned out I just so happened to own those three territories.

3)Fate hates everything and anything that you do. Attack a single unit with a cave Troll(5 units) Tough shit, looks like you're going to lose all 5 attacks.

4) Each failure may kill me inside ... but yeah, it kills me inside.

The game started fairly simply with us setting our defenses, and preparing our forces to attack. Things took a drastic turn with the first major victory. My taking of the 'Mines of Moria' from Will's Cave Troll by my Nazgul goblin horde... Turns out that would be the last victory I ever saw. What I did see instead was territory after territory fall before the Might of Wills army, whatever feeling of victory I had. Was a very short lived thing.
But the main thing to remember.
There is always a re-match.


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