Sunday, 17 February 2013

Risk Part Three

Damn it Will!

So, our idea for having one risk game a week has pretty much fallen apart as we have been swamped by Uni work for the past couple of weeks meaning we have to have the games as and when we have time.
 Surprise surprise Will won again.
Third win in a row

We changed the rules up slightly this time, by instead of randomizing the territories, we each picked one fortress and then got another random fortress. Once this was done, we each took turns choosing where to place our troops. This made the game not only a lot more strategic, but also a lot harder.

Once again I started in Rohan, with Helms Deep as my first fort, and luckily got Isenggard as my second fort, I then started placing my units almost solely inside the region of Rohimerin. However, Price put a sudden end to this by claiming the very last tile of the region. This was going to be an interesting battle.

Will had pretty much all of the top right of the map under his control, with Aaron H claiming most of the middle left, and then randomly placing a few units about just to cause tension. I had most of the bottom left in my power, and Price was stuck with the middle again. Which he frequently made a point of.

I had claimed three rather major areas of the map, as my power-cards granted me a hefty dose of troops when I played them. That was my first turn sorted. But as the game intensified, those units I had added at the beginning quickly counted for squat. Will, once again, took a very early lead claiming two regions out of the three he needed, all the while the rest of us were still fighting for control of one.

 (I have been informed that my last story contained some problems with my definition of 'territories' and 'regions', a territory is a single map tile, whereas a region is a collection of territories. My bad)

I sadly lacked the strength to take even the simple region of Rohan as Price bolstered up his troops in my top tile, and all along my eastern flank, meaning my armies were well and truly split. When I finally tried to make a push into The last tile. Will came sweeping through all of the south West with the force of a thousand suns literally destroying everything in his path.

While the rest of us were trying to figure out what just happened, Will led a second attack via the sea to pincer the north west, leaving Poor Aaron H trapped and stranded as Price and I tried our best to give him strategic advice. But there is only so much advice you can give to an ant fighting a landslide.

There were some moment of hope, which to us were 'Balls grippingly tense', however trying to depict them here will be a bit of a challenge.

Here goes.
Will had Ten units poised to attack one of Aaron H's many territories. This territory only had three units defending it, meaning that this was a pretty clear cut moment from the outset. However by some divine intervention, Aaron H managed to throw back wave after wave of attacks, with Will losing a total of seven units against Aaron's three brave defenders. 
There really could be hope.
Sadly all this was in vain.
We blinked, and Will had taken the very last tile he needed securing his three regions and winning the game.
Damnit it Will.


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